The Arizona Student Media Board is an independent panel of students, faculty, staff and others that meets as needed during the school year to oversee and advise certain areas of the student media operation. The board is primarily advisory in capacity, but does have authority over the selection and, if necessary, dismissal of editors in chief and other top student managers in the student media. The board also reviews grievances and complaints.

For information about the board and its meetings, contact Mark Woodhams, director of student media: 520-621-3408,

Fall 2014
Samantha Motowski, Student Media at-large
Allison Field, KAMP
Ryan Finley, Professional/Alum, AZ Daily Star
Susan Knight, Journalism faculty
Greg Ziebell, Student Affairs appointment
Hannah Sager, ASUA representative
Alicia Vega, Daily Wildcat
Amer Taleb, Journalism student at-large
Isoken Adodo, GPSC representative

Non Voting
Andrea Smiley, University Relations
Mike Camarillo, Broadcast adviser
Faith Edman, Student Media assistant director
Mary Rinker, General manager, UATV
Joey Fisher, Editor in chief, Daily Wildcat
Melanie Trecha, General manager, KAMP
Kendal Washington White, Dean of Students
Mark Woodhams, Director, Student Media
Brett Fera, Associate Director, Student Media