Homosexuality, incest prevails in animals


Once again the deep understanding of animals put forth by such documentaries as "Lion King" and "Bambi" is evident in both Kris Akre's ("'Unacceptable' incest like homosexuality," April 15) and Melissa Meister's ("Acceptance questioned, not what is natural," April 17) letters. If you have ever lived on a farm, owned pets, read National Geographic or even visited a zoo (of which there are several in the state) you would have observed homosexuality, incest of every variety, masturbation and "doggy style simply because it feels good." We have owned several gay and lesbian dogs and cats. If you believe animals do not commit incest, you have never owned puppies or kittens from the same litter. What is it a dog or a dolphin hopes to accomplish with a human leg? The Bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee) engages in every position and sexual activity described in the "Kama Sutra" and then some. If you rub a dog on the chest (where its upper body contacts its partner) it can become ecstatic. One might assume that "doggy style" feels very good for dogs. We are not arguing that one should or should not engage in "natural" behavior because animals do it. After all, rabbits and gorillas eat their own feces, thus making it a "natural" behavior.

We object to specious, ill-formed arguments being invoked in an already puerile and tiresome debate. The fact is, for all of our thirty-some years of life, human beings have engaged in some form of sexual behavior that rightly or wrongly someone, if not us, does not approve of, and guess what - humans will continue these behaviors, at least until we die.

Doug Boggess, Ben Costello, Ken New
classics graduate students