Tucson's adult shops offer comfortable environment for sensual shopping

By Anthony R. Ashley
Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 24, 1996

Gregory Harris
Arizona Daily Wildcat

This was just one of the many adult sex toys and gag gifts available at the Continental Adult Shop, 2655 N. Campbell Ave.


For those of you who have been under a rock, adult bookstores are no longer for dirty old men! Rejoice! According to most of the clerks in Tucson's bookstores, more and more women, couples and younger folk are heading in droves to these meccas of sexual s atisfaction.

If you think the insides of these stores are dark and scary, and the FBI is watching you, think again! The atmospheres in these stores do not give the impression of a "porn lover's delight," but more like a store you'd stroll on into at the Tucson Mall. These stores are well-lit, air-conditioned and play great music!

Most of Tucson's adult bookstores attempt to cater to everyone, with magazines, videos (two big sellers), vibrators, dildos, plugs, clamps, arcades, safe sex materials and other titillating novelties.

So, cut this article out and put it on your fridge as a reference to three of Tucson's best adult bookstores (drum roll, please!).

Tucson adult bookstores that are worthy of Honorable Mention are:

La Boutique, 3656 E. Speedway Blvd. It receives this recognition for the sign in its video section, "Dedicated to the admiration of the female mammary." Also, owner Jim Frederick has astounding plans for the future remodeling, including gutting all three buildings of the store to improve the quality of the arcades, stage and video selection. Grade: XX

Caesar's Adult Book Store, 2540 N. Oracle Rd. Great walls of great selections of great porn videos. Grade: XX

And finally, the Don't Go There award:

Pleasure World Adult Bookstore, 174 E. Toole Ave. I ran into a blockade with a rude staff member who was just as quiet to my questions as a nun taking the vow of silence. Plus, the dark atmosphere made the place seem more like a hangout for dirty old men. Grade: X