Crusade's sex ads not stealthy or shocking


I am writing in response to Stan Wonn's (Feb. 16) letter concerning Campus Crusade for Christ's "stealth" ads concerning safe sex. If you are unfamiliar with what's been going on, let me give you a brief summary.

During the celebration of National Condom Week, Campus Crusade for Christ decided to celebrate along with condom man in their own way. Campus Crusade printed ads in the Wildcat promoting sex within the bonds of marriage. Mr. Wonn complained that the ads were a covert Christian operation. He cites that he had to call the 800 number to find out who was sponsoring the ads. I would like to say that wasn't necessary. All he had to do was go out to the UA Mall and see the table that Campus Crusade had put up. At that table we displayed posters of the ads that we used in the Wildcat - right next to a big sign that said "Campus Crusade for Christ" in yellow lettering. However, just in case anybody missed our table on the Mall, perhaps you saw the ten o'clock news on channel 9 on Valentine's Day. Channel 9 news ran a segment about Campus Crusade and our ad campaign.

I believe that all of the ads quite clearly promoted sex only within the commitment of marriage. I don't understand why Mr. Wonn was so shocked to find out that a Christian organization was promoting that. Mr. Wonn, who do you think created sex? God did! However, God created sex to be the most fun, and fulfilling, when it is done only between husband and wife. That was Crusade's message, plain and simple.

Jonathan H. Bussey
biology senior