Love songs for the tryst-less

By Mark Reynolds
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 19, 1996

Mr. T Experience
Love is Dead

This review is dedicated to all the Hallmark Holidamned who chained their relationships to a calendar yesterday.

The Mr. T Experience "pay tribute to the unrealized dreams of a million broken hearts," says the promo literature. I say we bump the number up to a billion, O.K.?

Love is Dead is the perfect record for all of you Valentine sweeties to buy now and save for the day (and it's coming) that one of you stomps the hell out of the other's heart. Let's face a few facts; the flowers are dying, the wine has become a headache and all that is left of dinner is a line on your credit card bill. Your relationship, if you don't mind my saying so, is really beginning to suck! Lucky for you, the Mr. T Experience understands this and have compiled enough bittersweet memories to nurse you through the imminent disaster that is your romance.

The three-chord power-pop/punk sound of MTX is by nature a happy, uplifting one. Just what you need to move on. If you're into Screeching Weasel or early Green Day, you'll have no problem bouncing along to Love Is Dead.

Don't worry, the lyrics aren't the lachrymose dribble of, say, the Goo Goo Dolls, or the pre-pubescent whining of that daft Canadian girl who got dumped. The Mr. T Experience understand the power of Prozac and are therefore much more realistic in their approach to the relationship game: "Boy meets girl, girl teases boy, boy looks for something to destroy." Sound like someone you know? I promise you, you're going to need this record.

Of course you can ignore my advice and continue on with your tryst until drinking heavily and handing dollars to dancing strangers becomes your sex life and your most romantic conversations concern the weather. However, if you take the wise path, and buy Love is Dead, at least you'll have something to listen to on the way home from the bar. I belatedly wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day. XOXO.