Heavy metalmaniacs, White Zombie,return to play Tucson

By Fen Hsiao
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 29, 1996

Arizona Daily Wildcat

White Zombie plays the Tucson Convention Center Friday. Tickets are $25.


After heavy metal's most animated members, White Zombie, played to a packed stadium in Phoenix, its return has been long anticipated and this time Tucson will be the welcoming venue. Led by less-than-genius frontman, Rob Zombie, the band that clashes thrash, hip-hop and metal promises to bring a mixture of camp, B-movies and horror/sci-fi to the stage as the backdrop for a night of hellish release and pumped-up tunes from the band's latest album, Astro-Creep:2000.

Originating in New York's '80s underground scene, White Zombie has since, in the words of Rob Zombie, successfully "graduated" to the world of heavy metal, claiming such inspirations as Kiss and Black Sabbath. And with Astro-Creep claiming two Grammy nominations, it seems as though the band should continue allowing its straight-up, unique brand of metal to speak for itself, instead of Rob Zombie, who seems to be all too willing to offer up an abundance of inane insights. Zombie repeatedly wears thin any respect I have for this band, which has crossed several music boundaries to make up an uncommon fan base of all sorts.

Acting like a dictator and sounding like a meathead, Zombie embraces all the unimpressive aspects of White Zombie. From rejecting its origin, which includes opening for such impressive punk rock acts as Pussy Galore and Sonic Youth, to raising up idiot, testosterone-driven pre-teens who think it's their right to make a show unpleasant for everyone around them, Zombie can't seem to keep his foot out of his mouth.

Instead of playing more inexpensive venues or simply charging less for its shows that are sold out anyway, Zombie chooses to cover up his inflated ticket prices by complaining about other bands which he doesn't think put enough effort into their shows. Zombie thinks that by not spending money (that the band doesn't actually have) to put on some overly exaggerated light show bonanza, that the band isn't fulfilling its performance duties. However, some bands don't need to hide behind a movie screen or lower themselves to lip syncing, while sounding as if they're having an asthma attack either. What makes him think that his heaving because he can't handle a little jumping around is worth anyone's $20 or dollars anyway? God, he should get in shape or get an inhaler or something.

Whatever. As long as Zombie can keep his pathetic mouth shut, anyone who's a fan of Russ Meyer movies and fast metal riffs mixed with asthmatic rapping will feel as though his $25 was well spent.