Studio Watch

By Staff Reports
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 29, 1996

Publicists at Creation Records have confirmed that My Bloody Valentine, the UK guitar-swirl quartet, is now "nearly ready" to "being almost certainly on their way to the genesis" of "beginning to think about the preliminaries of completing the conceptualization of making the demos" for their eagerly anticipated follow-up to Loveless, the highly acclaimed 1991 release. Guitarist/vocalist Kevin Shields is said to be preparing himself for the long grueling process of finishing this project with a series of aggressive measures which, the UK press reports, include "getting off the couch" and "tuning his guitar."

Meanwhile, by the time you've read the last paragraph, Ohio's Guided By Voices will have released its new 36-track album, all songs being barely 60 seconds, with disjointed titles coupled with non-sequitur lyrics sung with a fake British accent. The new LP is currently untitled, as the band is too busy mixing itsfollow-up, recorded while you were reading the last sentence. Sometime tomorrow, the band will release a compilation culled from over 800 hours of demos recorded between April 30, 1994 and May 1, 1994. In the meantime, a 48-song 7-inch EP will be out in just a few minutes.