Animals 'exploited'for human 'desires'


I would like to address the two "humane facts" from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association that Starr Sackstein brought up in her Feb. 28 response to those who don't even "know the facts." First, she states: "Rodeo livestock live long and healthy lives... which include quality feed and adequate exercise." May I begin by asking how good a life is when it is constantly in captivity, only to be released for a silly and violent game played once a year? And did Sackstein herself see the photograph the Wildcat posted with the blurb, "A calf is yanked backward by its neck to the shrieks of the crowd?" Who would dare call this sick behavior "adequate exercise," regardless of how often it happens? Secondly, the letter continues with, "electric prods are no longer used on rodeo livestock except for chute stalling animals." No matter what the technique is used for, this treatment is by no means justifiable. Has anyone ever stopped to consider WHY the animals are so scared to enter their stalls in the first place? Have we no patience whatsoever that we must physically hurt something when it doesn't necessarily follow our wishes? How ridiculous. Finally, Sackstein notes the "immaturity and cruelty" of some students right here on campus. Although I would never by any means recommend hate mail or harassment to solve a problem such as this, I must say here lies just a slight tinge of hypocrisy. How immature and cruel are those who manage and support rodeos? Very, as far as I can see. Rodeos are simply another means by which humans wish to exploit animals for their petty desires. It is because of their own insecurity that they must at least annually show the animals "who's boss." Get a life.

Jeremy Webb

undecided sophomore

Jeremy Webb
Undecided sophomore