Senator clearing voting record with letter


The letter from Andrew Higgins ("ASUA Senator blasts 'Dragfest' spending," Feb. 27) printed in the Wildcat on Tuesday deeply disturbed me. With elections right around the corner, Mr. Higgins' attempt at clearing his voting record did not impress me in the least. It disappointed me that Mr. Higgins is resorting to ignorant rhetoric aimed at minority groups just to get a little attention. It seemed as if Mr. Higgins' shots at BGALA were influenced by Pat Buchanan's recent success at attacking minority groups to gain himself an audience. Mr. Higgins also exhibited the same narrow-mindedness by supporting his weak BGALA argument by ranting about the Wildcat's treatment of sex. From the sound of it, it seems as though Mr. Higgins wishes sex would just go away. To the contrary, as long as there is at least one man and woman on this earth, there will be sex. Instead of ignoring what Mr. Higgins blindly perceives as ploys to induce us into casual sex, such as condom education and the Wildcat's Sex Talk, I think it is very important that we feel comfortable discussing sex. Especially with AIDS floating around in today's society, it is naive and extremely dangerous to shun such educational endeavors. As far as Mr. Higgins and his vendetta with BGALA are concerned, I hope that he won't get a chance to selfishly quash such programs out of existence next year. Unlike Mr. Higgins, though, I think the campus will do its research at election time and see to it that he does not get that chance.

Jeff Schrade

political science


Jeff Schrade