Job listings available via phone

By Kerri Ginis
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 18, 1996

Without having to leave home, students will now be able to find part-time and full-time jobs, career-related experiences, on-campus and work-study positions and on-campus interviews - all by telephone.

The Wildcat Job Line is an automated telephone system offered by Career Services. The job line is a free service available to all registered UA students and can by accessed any time, said Marie Rozenblit, director of Career Services.

"I think this is a neat service, because you don't have to come to the office to check the jobs," Rozenblit said.

Before the job line, Rozenblit said, students had to come into Career Services, which is located in Old Main, and pay $3 per semester to find jobs by looking at the job boards and then using a computer to find the specifics of a job.

However, with the implementation of the job line, students are able to use any phone and choose from a menu offering different types of jobs from full-time work to seasonal work, Rozenblit said.

Sujata Ramchandran, electrical and chemical engineering graduate student, said, "This makes it easier to find jobs because you don't have to find time to come in."

The job line offers seven different search options for students: part-time, seasonal and temporary positions; career-related experience; full-time positions; on-campus or work-study positions; on-campus interviewing; community service and leadership positions; and career advice.

Students then can choose from a menu to search by either consulting the day's new job listings, which are updated daily, or referring to the categories of majors.

Sarah Knapp, Latin and sociology senior, said, "This seems like an easier system for students, but personally, those phone menus annoy me."

Rozenblit said that in the future, she wants employers to access the system by calling and recording messages about positions they have available. About 70 to 80 percent of the jobs available to students are in the part-time job category, Rozenblit said.

The funding for the job line was set aside before the budget was implemented for the year and was considered a project that is central to the university, Rozenblit said.

The initial funding was $26,000, and the system required an additional licensing fee between $4,000 and $5,000, she said.

The job line has 24 lines that can be accessed by students, Rozenblit said. However, only 12 are in use now.

Phones are available for student use in Old Main, and there are directions on how to access the job line. The phone number for the job line is 791-6456.