Silly lyrics, but 'Unlimited' good time

By Anthony Ashley
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 18, 1996

2 Unlimited

Hits Unlimited

Radikal Records

Some singing groups are just starting to establish themselves as hit makers and not "one-hit wonders." 2 Unlimited proved that they were more than an overnight success in the early part of the '90s, when their single "No Limit" went to number one in 35 countries.

After joining the likes of Madonna, Abba, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as artists with more than 12 top ten hits, 2 Unlimited has released Hits Unlimited, their greatest hits collection. The CD sports Unlimited's 13 previously released hits and three new ones.

Armed with incessant techno-drum beats, bass, hi-hats and funky grooves, this CD is a definite for anyone wanting to shake their groove thang! You cannot listen to this CD without tapping your foot. If you find yourself not doing anything to this music, you may want to check your pulse and see if you're still alive. Even those who are not fortunate enough to have rhythm can find some sort of movement for these songs.

The lyrics, such as "A magic friend is what he is!" or "I'm a workaholic when I'm on the go," are a little silly. But when you're trying to get your mack on with some hottie in the club, or bumping and grinding to songs like these, who's paying attention to lyrics?

If you think the CD may be a little too extreme for you, don't worry. There are a few where your heart rate goes down and you just wanna bob your head, slowin' your groove down. There is also 2 Unlimited's only ballad released as a single, "Nothing Like The Rain."

Hits Unlimited ranges from classic stadium songs ("Get Ready For This") to the always popular club song ("Twilight Zone"), which are almost all their songs, but the group remains fresh with the limited beats they use. Unlike 2 Unlimited-wannabes, they hardly ever use the same music twice.

If you're looking for something fun and different than what's heard on the radio (how many times can you really listen to Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men compete for Best Whiners in The World?), then check out Amsterdam's finest club kids. 2 Unlimited are what C+C Music Factory tried to be, but they don't lip sync to Martha Wash.