'Braveheart' accurate about time frame


In response to Elizabeth Nida's March 27 letter to the editor of "Braveheart's gore awarded by Oscar," this is just one more person who took what she saw on the screen to be the cause of the world's problems. I believe she just doesn't know about the time period the movie was portraying. I thought "Braveheart" was probably the most well done movie to portray that time frame. I felt "Rob Roy" did the same thing. People in the time didn't have guns. It was all swords, knives and maces. And like in that period, when you got hit with one of those weapons a body part was probably going to fall off or get crushed.

To show that type movie it has to be seen, otherwise you would be wondering what he did. "Oh, I guess he just stabbed him. They're not showing that person again. Oh, I guess the person died then."

"Braveheart" was a very well done movie, it deserved everything it got an Oscar for. I bet you're even one of those individuals who thought "Pocohontas" was an accurate portrayal of the real story. "NOT!"

Rusty Martin
non-degree graduate student