Faculty award pared down to 5 candidates

By Melanie Klein
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 8, 1996

Five finalists remain in the running for the only faculty award that uses an entirely student-run nomination and selection process.

After an evaluation of 75 faculty nominees, the 10-member honors student committee will soon be able to announce the winner of this year's Five Star Faculty Award.

Those selected were Richard Cosgrove, professor of history; Elizabeth Harrison, assistant professor of East Asian Studies; Donald Hecherman, associate professor of economics; Frank Romer, assistant professor of classics; and Richard Saunders, adjunct lecturer of computer science.

The winner will receive $1,000, a plaque that will hang in the Student Union and a gift certificate for dinner at Anthony's in the Catalinas Restaurant.

The Honors Center sponsors the annual Five Star Faculty Award, which is being awarded for the 13th straight year.

"This is a more significant honor because it comes from the students, not just faculty peers," said a member of the award's selection committee who is required to remain anonymous.

"It's not often that students will find a teacher that just blows them away," the committee member said, "and when they do, that faculty deserves the recognition."

One professor who students have taken to in the past is Cosgrove, who has been nominated for the honor before, but has never won it. "I'm always a bridesmaid never the bride," he said. "But I'm deeply appreciative of the recognition from the students."

Nominee Elizabeth Harrison agreed.

"It's nice that the students notice the time I put in with them and feel good about what I do," she said.

The top five finalists will undergo classroom evaluation by the committee members while students will fill out an evaluation sheet.

An interview and a written statement by the nominated faculty describing their goals and aspirations in teaching will complete the award process. The winner will be announced May 2.

Said nominee Richard Saunders, "In some way just being nominated is already the best part."