Affirmative Action tarnishes university's image


When I attended the University of Arizona (class of '52), all students were treated fairly and accepted on merit. Now, I belatedly learn from a recent alumni publication that fairness has been replaced with "politically correct" racial discrimination ("Af firmative Action") by which bright whites are handicapped so that unqualified minority dullards can be artificially advanced ahead of them. This is anti-intellectualism - something very sick and perverted for an academic institution to practice.

I have read in the alumni publication the sleekly worded arguments for and against this warped, distorted, misshapen, unwholesome monstrosity, misnamed "Affirmative Action." But the nitty-gritty is this: My son has just graduated from high school cum laud e, a member of the National Honor Society. He has never discriminated against any person because of their race. Why, then, should he (or I) be required to accept racial discrimination against him?

"Affirmative Action" is vicious discrimination. It is un-American. Its practice as official policy disgraces the University of Arizona and sullies its reputation. Let's dump this form of hate, and wipe its tarnish off of the image of our university.

Sir Bruce Marshall, K.C.W.E.
Austin, Texas