GPSC $9,000 short in Showcase payment

By Rosa M. Concepcion
Arizona Summer Wildcat
June 12, 1996

Like many students, The University of Arizona's Graduate and Professional Student Council is in debt.

GPSC is $9,000 short of paying a $22,000 bill from Extended University, which helped fund the GPSC's 1995 Homecoming Student Showcase.

The student showcase is an event during homecoming where students show the community their knowledge, culture and economic development.

The council, which has $13,000 in its showcase account, is trying to come up with a solution to its problem. GPSC President Alex Sugiyama suggested at a June 3 meeting that the council could start a fund-raising program.

"The reason why GPSC is having difficulty with paying Extended University is that Extended University spent more money on Showcase than GPSC had budgeted," Sugiyama said. "This is why we need to find out what our finances are like; maybe do some fund-raising or do our own mailing. This could save us money if we do it ourselves."

Another suggestion was to contract elsewhere for next year's showcase.

"It might be helpful to look at other local, high-tech companies to sponsor us," said Gordon Zaft, GPSC communications officer. Extended University