Spring term, 'Can't fudge this'

"Stop! Study Time!"

(to the tune of "U Can't Touch This")

Can't fudge this

Can't fudge this

Can't fudge this

Can't fudge this

My, my, my, my homework hits me, so hard,

It makes me say, "Oh my Lord,

Thank you, for blessing me

With a mind to think and a library,"

It feels good, just to buckle down,

A study-freak homeboy from the old town,

And I'm known as such,

And my GPA - you can't touch!

I told you, schoolboy - Can't fudge this

Yeah, that's how we study and you know - C. F. T.

Look at these books, man - C. F. T.

Yo, let me bust some funky research!

Fresh new course, spring term,

Your major needs this, so you know you better learn,

So move, into your seat,

And grab a notebook or a paper sheet,

Start writin', keep on,

Listen to the prof so you can know what's goin' on;

Think this, think that,

You're on a mission, so know those facts,

Let 'em know that you're too much,

And your study skills - they can't touch!

Yo, I told you - C. F. T.

Why you standin' there, man? - C. F. T.

Yo, sound the bell, school's in, slacker!

Gimme a test, don't fake 'em,

Graduate school is why I'm takin' 'em

Now you know

You study for finals, you study too slow,

You're through, you fail,

Prob'ly wind up doin' time in a jail,

So think! Crack down,

Study till your brain cells all turn brown,

Then more! That's it!

Study real hard or you might as well quit!

That's word, because you know - C. F. T.

C. F. T.

Break it down!

Stop! Study time!

Know what you know; it is said,

If you don't ace a test, then your GPA's dead,

So wave flashcards in the air,

Know who, what, when, how, why, and where!

This is it, be a winner,

Study like this, and you're gonna get thinner;

Now move! Learn by rote,

Just for a minute, let's all take a note (note, note, note...)

Yeeeah - C. F. T.

Look, man - C. F. T.

You better think hard, boy, 'cause you know, you can't - C. F. T.

Ring the bell, school's back in! Break it down!

Stop! Study time!

C. F. T. (x3)

Break it down!

Stop! Study time!

Every time you see me, my study's just too hype;

I study on the floor, and I study on the mike!

Now why should I have to study like this?

Because of all the classes I've had to miss!

I've been around the world, from Rice to Stanford U.;

It's study, go study! Go and study, go study!

('cause it's what we all should do!)

C. F. T.(x4)

We outta here...

MC Special J has read Cicero in Latin. He thought transcribing MC Hammer's lyrics was a lot harder to do. For his alter ego, an unnamed math Ph. D. candidate, it's always study time.