Two regents end eight-year terms

By Charles Ratliff
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 16, 1996

Benjamin W. Biewer
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Last week's meeting was the last for Andrew Hurwitz, at right, and Doug Wall, who will leave the board after having served eight-year terms.


When asked whether he would serve on the board for another eight years, Regent Andrew Hurwitz said, 'Absolutely.'

Regent Doug Wall said, 'If I had to do it all over again? I don't know.'

Last week's Arizona Board of Regents meeting was the last for the two outgoing regents, provided that their replacements are confirmed by the Arizona State Senate.

Both were appointed in 1988 by former Governor Rose Mofford, Democrat, and are the last two Mofford appointees to leave the board. Their replacements, Kurt Davis and Ronald Ulrich, were appointed by Republican Governor Fife Symington and are scheduled to be confirmed by the Senate Jan. 22.

Hurwitz, a Phoenix attorney, said he will remain a strong advocate for higher education. His most notable accomplishment was the establishment of the 'Hurwitz Measures,' a set of measurable goals that helped the universities look at ways of improving unde rgraduate education.

'I'm proud of them,' he said, 'because I think we're measuring the right things.'

Most universities, Hurwitz said, deal with the symptoms and not the outcomes. These measures, he said, will hopefully improve undergraduate education by making university administrators accountable.

Wall, a former community leader in Flagstaff who now resides in Phoenix, said that serving on the board has "been a lot of fun." He has been a strong advocate for keeping tuition as "free" as possible for Arizona's students, as directed by the state const itution.

'I don't think the public or the faculty appreciate the infringement of their (regents') time,' he said. 'There's never a time you make everybody happy.'

Hurwitz said the service of a regent is the most important work within a democracy.

"At the end of the day it's important to note that we have created the greatest system of higher education," he said.

"We are the envy of the world."

During a recognition ceremony, board president Eddie Basha said, "There is no question that your friendships have been important to us. You have left a legacy behind."

Regent John Munger told them, "I've learned a lot from the both of you."

In tomorrow's edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, find out more on new regents Kurt Davis and Ronald Ulrich.