Conspiracy book a hoot

By Jon Roig
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 18, 1996

Only Alex Constantine, writer for such reputable journalistic out lets as Hustler, Z Magazine, Paranoia, and Prevailing Winds could untangle the twisted web of influence that surrounds the O.J. Simpson case. Sure, you've read both his 1993 epic Blood, Carnage, and the Agent Provocateur and the more recent 1995 work , Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A., but you want to know what he makes of the trial of the century.

"This timely dossier contains exhaustively researched and heavily annotated new information on O.J. and Nicole Simpson's alleged ties to crime and drug dealing," reads the back cover. "...the author presents many under-reported and fascinating connection s which never allow the reader to view this case the same way again."

This 34 page pamphlet is a whirlwind tour through the myriad of evil forces at work in America - very few people manage to escape Constantine's scrutiny.

Joey Ippolito, the second generation mafia leader with ties to the CIA, is behind it all. Understand him and his mysterious "syndicate," and one can begin to understand the Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman murders - all the puzzle pieces begin to fall int o place.

See, Joey was in league with Richard "Bad Eye" Gerstein, the six term Florida state attorney and former Watergate investigator. Although he died of a "heart attack" in 1992, he once served, with future Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey, as the the co-direct or of Centrust Federal Savings bank, a division of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and part of the CIA run Citibank corporation.

Coincidence? I think not. Read the book - F. Lee Bailey was well known for his ties to organized crime, specifically Joey Ip. He also once employed John E. McNally, friend of Gene Gotti, mob leader John Gotti's younger brother.

Somehow, Anthony Pellicano, the "Gumshoe to the Stars," is linked to all this - you know, the man that served as an advisor on the film "The Client" and came up with Michael Jackson's unconvincing "frame up" plea. Apparently, he also staked out Nicole's house a few days before the murder.

Much of the cast of "The Godfather" is implicated in this vast conspiracy, as well as certain predictable side players such as Ozzy Osborne and perennial favorites, the L.A.P.D.

"The Brentwood slaughter was forshadowed in September, 1974 when 71-year-old Irving Pasternak and his wife Rhoda were brutally stabbed to death in Waterbury, Connecticut," claims Constantine.

How he came to know this is not entirely clear, but evidence suggests that this is all connected back to the death of the shadowy underworld figure and Watergate witness John Rosselli; therefore involving famous speedboat manufacturer and drug runner Dona ld Aronow and his friend George Bush in the story.

I don't want to give away the suprise ending, but it involves O.J. Simpson's drug debts, CIA mind control programs and therefore, cult leader Jim Jones. Hard Copy is cited as a source several times.

There are so many random sources and names in this work that it proved to be completely incomprehensible. I attempted to make a flow chart to figure it all out, but after a few hours I found the task too daunting.

I guess it could be true ... and even if it's not, it's a completely entertaining read. His two page chapter, cleverly titled "A Killer's Brain Frequencies and a few Words Words about CIA/Mafia Clean-Up Operations" is an instant classic. And no, "Words" being in there twice was not a typo (at least on my part).

I suggest that you all run down to the conspiracy bookstore and pick it up, before CIA operatives in league with Jack Nicholson and the Aryan Nation destroy all known copies.