Reader finds herself cheering on Keisling


I am shocked! I have been reading John Keisling's column for what seems like an eternity. I expect myself to feel some sort of outrage or a desire to strangle someone (namely him) everytime I open a newspaper with his column in it. To me this is a normal routine.

But "Women Decide Not to Take Abuse" (Jan. 17) confused me. Where was my outrage - better yet, where was my piano wire? Just when I feel confident that I can hate his columns, he goes and pulls a stunt like this. I expected women bashing and cynicism. Wh at I got was compassion, a little confusion and anger - compassion and confusion directed at women who allow themselves to be degraded and abused, and anger at men who think they have a right to hurt someone they feel is physically or mentally weaker.

As I was reading, I found myself cheering him on the inside. Wow! This is a new concept for me. Could this mean that John Keisling is not such a @#$%!* ? Maybe ...

By Theresa Marie Pogoda
German senior