Music Previews

By Robert Breckenridge
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 25, 1996

Deep Blue Something

Deep Blue Something is from Texas - though they sound like they are from England - and their single "Breakfast at Tiffany's" can be heard ad infinitum on the radio and MTV. The song is insipid, and the rest of the album is just like that song.

Todd, the bassist and vocalist, has a philosophy of life in which he feels EVERYONE IS ON EARTH TO TRY AND FALL IN LOVE. What sort of banal fool publicly decries this perspective as his own? Support of this kind of vapid, trite, and pathetic philosophy is tantamount to throwing money away. Do not buy their records! Do not go see this band! Destiny is in your hands! We must strive to prevent this philosophy from being passed on to future generations! Do not let it survive!


Candlebox is a rock band from Seattle. They play kind of hard rock songs, with the occasional ballad. They fall into the modern grunge category and are similar to maybe Collective Soul or some crap like that.

Candlebox's new album, Lucy, has sold approximately 250,000 copies since its release last August, while their eponymous debut record sold several million (ouch!). Let us consider why this change has occurred.

1. With no heavy rotation single, this new record lacks appeal to the general public only being sought after by devoted fans of the band.

2. Candlebox's record label, Maverick (owned by Madonna), spent all of their money promoting their other hot act, Alanis Morissette (and did she ever need it) instead of the new record.

3. The band is warming up leftovers from the long-dead grunge-rock era.

4. The record isn't very good.

5. The guys in the band have long hair and we all know that means they're just a bunch of hippies.

6. They talked a bunch of crap about Jerry Garcia, and now his ghost is haunting them and bringing them bad luck.

7. They're really like Milli Vanilli and don't do anything on their own (come on, how could that guy really sing underwater?). So, they're trying to fade away quickly in order to prevent being caught.

8. Nobody cares.

Seaweed is pretty good, though.

Seven Mary Three

This band took its name from "C.H.I.P.s" (it was Ponch and John's call letters or something like that). Not a bad TV show, mind you, yet to declare it as a primary influence on one's life is a bit weird. In addition, it brings to mind some notion of the 1 970s. This '70s revival is all good and well, but be at least a little original about it. Consider the band - as seen in the video for their hit single "Cumbersome." The singer/guitarist has big sideburns (tres cool), and the other guitarist and bassist h ave really long hair which they throw around a lot (hey, they're kind of punk or hard rock or something very non-conformist). The one guitar player even uses the same type of guitar as Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones! Wow!

In the video, they're playing in this cool retro-bar with all these scantily clad young women drinking side by side with some apparently working class American (nice touch). And then there is this breakdown in the song where the singer says something abou t two worlds, one black and one white, and then the drummer plays this annoyingly plodding roll and the song starts up again. But, now get this, right at the black and white part, an old black man suddenly appears beside the band and starts dancing and cl apping his hands. HA HA HA HA. Talk about cumbersome.

Maybe they'll be good live. Maybe not.