'Mutato' 'small-minded'


For those of us who strive for Tucsonans as a whole to open their minds and rid this town of the reputation for being a hick town only good for retirement, it's painful when certain individuals prove it. A small case in point, but a case in point nonethe less, is Robert Breckenridge and "Mutato's" previews for the upcoming live show of Candlebox, Seven Mary Three and Deep Blue Something.

Tucson does not get enough shows to justify our local college paper downplaying bands that have chosen to play here. We are starving down here for shows. No one wants to play here because promoters don't believe it's lucrative. How does the Wildcat respo nd? By printing previews written by someone who clearly doesn't like or know enough about any of the bands.

In the case of Deep Blue Something, Breckenridge flat out states, "Don't go see this band!" because he doesn't like songs about falling in love. But what angered me most was the Candlebox preview, or should I say editorial. This multiplatinum band has ch osen to play Tucson on both of its highly successful tours. How does Tucson say thanks, by ripping them to shreds in the Wildcat and discouraging people from going? What is this saying to the promoters, the band and its fans? It is narrow-mindedness like this that continues to plague this town. Editor, what were you thinking? Did you even ask this boy if he knew anything about these bands besides their hometowns and current videos? Obviously not.

A lot of people, especially those who read this paper, take their music seriously. The least you could do is respect that. I'm not saying everything written should be positive and encouraging, but a more broad perspective would be nice. It's apparent ther e are Candlebox fans out there. The last show sold out and this one is about to. Breckenridge suggests "nobody cares." No, you don't care! Don't speak for me! And furthermore, his reference to their long hair was not only extremely judgemental and arrogan t, it was blatant prejudice.

If this is the kind of biased, small-minded attitude "Mutato" is going to take toward its music reviews and previews, then you can count on one less reader.

In closing, a message to Robert Breckenridge: music is for the masses, it's not just to please you. Open your mind or do me a favor, throw away your pen and stop embarassing those of us who do care.

By Elaine Gonzales
journalism junior