Not-so-scary band kicks off weekend

By Robert Breckenridge
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 5, 1996

Deadbolt is a self-proclaimed voodoo-billy band. What this really means is they play surfbased rock and look mean on stage. They've also dubbed themselves "the scariest band in the world," but Deadbolt is not scary. "The Exorcist" is scary, Fry's at Grant and First Avenue is scary, even clowns can be scary some times, but not this band. They saunter around in black clothes, sport biker boots and chains and stuff, and swear a lot.

But that's it. They are afraid of the cops just like anyone else; they won't beat you up; they don't know any voodoo mumbo-jumbo; they can bleed. So don't worry kids, it's just a bunch of guys dressed up on stage playing pretend. Note that the guys in the band named themselves Harley Davidson, Les Vegas, The Phantom, etc. This is all too similar to calling oneself The Edge or Sting. I find it hard to believe that natural selection doesn't prevent such people from reaching maturity.

An infinite number of comparisons can be made to bands such as the Cramps or Reverend Horton Heat, and they will be pretty accurate. Deadbolt plays typical surf rock/rockabilly music and puts on a little stage act as they travel from town to town, like th e minstrels of old, playing their twangy rock n' roll. All right. Opening will be Tucson's own Helldriver (returning with a new singer to spout their racecar lyrics and wiggle to their punk stylings) and Grimble Wedge. Deadbolt will also give a special lu nchtime show for free in the Student Union Cellar today at 11:00.

Other shows: The Plimsouls will be playing at club congress Friday night, Feb 2. This well-loved eighties alterna-pop band has reformed and could put on an interesting show. Thanks to a strong, nearly epic New-Wave heritage the Plimsouls are better than most of the West Coast bands from that period in music hist ory. Neros Rome opens up.

Of special note: be on the lookout for an upcoming Luna Loca show with The Drags one of the best live bands in the world! As an added bonus, don't forget the volume of parties that can occur around town highlighting some SPECTACULAR local rock bands a sk at any area record store and you're likely to find an opportunity to see great music for free. You might see such critically acclaimed bands as The Weird Lovemakers, Doo Rag, the Pork Torta, and the Zero Kings plus too many more to mention.