Local Shovel releases CD

By Mark Reynolds
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 5, 1996

After knocking about the Tucson music scene for a couple of years, Shovel have put their infectious pop/rock to work by releasing Glare, their debut CD, on Gouramie Records. To celebrate this monumental achievement, the band is hosting a release festival at the Luna Loca Cafe Saturday, February 3.

"We chose the Luna Loca because that way the show could be all-ages," said bass player Scott "the rocker" Rockland.

"It's also one of the only places where people go specifically to hear music instead of just to get drunk or to be seen," added lead guitarist/singer Joe, who, along with rhythm guitarist Ryan, identifies himself with only his first name.

Shovel have definitely been in the position to be seen live over the past year, playing clubs ranging from the D.P.C. to O'Malleys.

"We needed money in order to record the disc, and in the process oversaturated the Tucson bar scene," said Joe. "We had the most fun at Club Congress and the D.P.C."

"And the worst time at O'Malley's," spat guitarist Ryan. "They didn't pay us what we agreed upon and treated us like shit. Don't play there or you'll get screwed."

Apparently all the wanton prostitution paid off as Glare is doing quite well locally and nationally.

"We're getting airplay on alternative radio across the country, even on KFMA [Tucson's latest nod to the alternative music explosion] where people have been requesting to hear it."

Shovel credits the disc's success to the combined efforts of recording engineer Jim Waters and Gouramie CEO Mike Panico. "Jim Waters is a god amongst engineers," claims Joe. "He helped us get the sound we wanted. I can't recommend him enough."

To make it easy for you to hear this epiphanic creation, Saturday's show will include reduced prices on merchandise and many giveaways. The show will also feature new drummer Mark Weiner, who was too busy lamenting the death of baritone sax player Gerry Mulligan to do anything but quote Yukio Mishima, The Confessions of St. Augustine, and various Metallica lyrics.