GPSC 'lets things ride' for ASUA

By Jennifer Quilici
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 9, 1996

The GPSC decided not to take action on the 1996 ASUA spring budget last night during the council's biweekly meeting.

The budget, presented by Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Ben Driggs and Treasurer Matthew Troth, was the third revision of the original budget presented Jan. 11.

Failure to pass the budget would lead to the shutdown of ASUA, which in turn would mean the Senate could meet but could not process any requisitions.

"By not making a decision we let things ride, and we do not interfere with ASUA's activities," said Mitzi Forbes, a GPSC council member.

The biggest discussion in the budget was regarding the ASUA Professional Opportunities Development fund.

Driggs said when this program passed on Jan. 24 with $20,000 in funding it was supposed to fulfill two tasks: to fund graduate students to go on professional conferences and to provide opportunities on campus for students to increase their development as professionals.

Driggs said he feels POD has fulfilled the second of these tasks but not the first, and therefore should receive only $15,000.

The GPSC was not ready to make a decision either way on this new amendment to the budget.

"GPSC voted down my budget many numbers of times this year," Driggs said.

The Undergraduate Senate passed the budget but it cannot go into effect unless both legislative bodies approve it.

Since the GPSC decided not to take action last night, it has three weeks to make a decision.

Forbes said action will probably be taken in two weeks when the GPSC holds its next meeting.