UA to air Christian teleconference

By Cheryl Fogle
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 9, 1996

The Religious Studies Department at the UA will be on the receiving end of a live teleconference originating at Oregon State University.

The program, broadcast today and tomorrow on public access Channel 64 and at the Campus Christian Center, features six scholars speaking about different aspects of the life of Jesus Christ.

"These scholars study scripture and archaeological evidence to determine what Jesus actually said and what was added to the gospels by the writers and the early church," said the Rev. Allen Breckenridge, Episcopal pastor at the University of Arizona's Campus Christian Center.

Breckenridge said there is no cable site on campus that will broadcast the public access Channel 64, but the program will be shown in churches and homes. The show can be viewed at the Campus Christian Center from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and tomorrow, Breckenridge said.

"People are invited to drop in when they can," Breckenridge said.

Today's topics include "From Galilean Jew to the Face of God," by Marcus Borg, and "Jesus, Judaism and Christianity," by Alan Segal.

Borg is a professor of religion and culture at Oregon State University and Segal is a Barnard College professor of religion.

Tomorrow's talks will include "Jesus and Generation X."

Anyone interested in seeing the programs should contact Breckenridge at 623-7576.