Volume 90
Number 10
September 4, 1996

{News SECTION} Sleep wasn't the only thing disrupted by the heavy storm that hit the UA campus with lightning, thunder and nearly 1.5 inches of rain yesterday morning.

Besides flooded streets that slowed down motorists and heavy winds that knocked down trees and garbage cans throughout the Tucson area, the University of Arizona campus had its share of problems as well.

{Sports SECTION}

Volleyball sweeps at 1st tourney

The Arizona women's volleyball team swept all three opponents it faced last weekend in the Arizona State Invitational, the team's first tournament of the year.

Arizona (3-0 overall, 0-0 in the Pacific 10 Conference) played the Wright State Raiders and the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks on Friday, and the 21st-ranked Northern Iowa Panthers on Saturday.

"I was pleased with our performance," UA head coach Dave Rubio said.

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    {Opinions SECTION}

    Panel of judges preferable to current jury system

    Opinion by Kaye Patchett - Our jury system aims to give defendants a fair trial before a willing jury of their peers. In reality, jury selection tends to be biased, and jury duty is about as popular as paying taxes. In a free country, citizens should not be forced t o participate in civic proceedings if they are unable or unwilling to do so.

    Ideally, legal decisions affecting the freedom or even the lives of defendants should not be left to unqualified amateur jurors whose decisions can be subtly manipulated by lawyers. It's time to dump our archaic jury system and hand the job over to qualified professionals.