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By Amanda Riddle and Andrew Carrol
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 27, 1997

Tie in Senate race means all will advance

A dead-heat tie for last place in the ASUA primary elections prevented one of 21 senatorial candidates from ending his campaign with the announcement of the election results last night.

Assistant elections commissioner Marcos Hernandez said that after a recount, Thomas Dornis and Treye Konrath tied for last place in the Senate race with 253 votes each.

"It was the decision of the elections commission to allow all of the candidates for Senate to run in the general election," Hernandez said.

Originally, 20 candidates were to advance to the general election, along with two candidates for president, administrative vice president and executive vice president.

Twelve percent of the student body, 2,802 students, voted in the primary election. The general election will be on March 4 and 5.

In the race for ASUA president, Senate Chairman Gilbert Davidson and ASUA President Rhonda Wilson will advance to the general election.

Davidson, public management senior, received 991 votes, 296 more than Wilson.

Davidson said he thought he received more votes than the incumbent because students are concerned about what is happening on the campus.

Wilson, who received 695 votes, advances for the second year in a row to the general elections where she will attempt to be the first incumbent student body president.

Wilson said she felt confident about the general elections because a lot more people turn out to the general elections who are not aware of the primaries.

Presidential candidate Lance Hill,civil engineering senior, received 349 votes and Brook Rosenbaum, a junior in French and political science, received 329 votes. Neither will advance past the primary.

Rosenbaum said he may do research in South America or work in Florence, but he had not given next year much thought.

In the race for administrative vice president, Tara Taylor, political science sophomore, and Eric Clingan, political science junior, beat out the three other candidates.

Beau Cox, studio art junior, Jamie Kantor, a junior majoring in Spanish and psychology, and Marco Dominguez, an interdisciplinary studies junior will not advance to the general election.

Clingan, who has no experience in ASUA, received 414 votes, while Taylor received the majority with 788.

"I consider myself an average student on this campus. The students saw me as an equal. Students would like to get involved on campus and through me they are expressing themselves," Clingan said.

Dominguez, whose campaigning ended last night, felt the race was tough, but the competition was excellent.

"I think that whoever gets the position will do a good job," Dominguez said.

In the executive vice presidential race, both undergraduate Senators vying for the office made it to the general election.

Senator Casey Cuny, marketing and communication junior, received 878 votes and Senator J.J. Rico, political science junior, received 574 votes.

Sean Murray, a finance junior, and Jason Arcaro, political science and economic senior, will not advance.

Murray said he was discouraged but will continue to be involved in ASUA.

Davidson and Wilson will be debating tomorrow night at a presidential debate sponsored by the Elections Commission in the Rincon Ballroom at 8 p.m.

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