Volume 90
Number 11
September 5, 1996


ASUA, GPSC operations stalled by indecision

The progress of student government appears to be handcuffed while the UA's two student governing bodies work out the final details of their separation.

The split between the Associated Students and the Graduate and Professional Student Council was supposed to be finalized Friday, said Undergraduate Senate President Gilbert Davidson.

Davidson said the delay is causing confusion and frustration, because ASUA cannot make any important decisions, such as passing a budget, until the separation with GPSC is finalized.

"Without a budget, nobody is getting paid around here. We are all volunteering our time, " Davidson said. "I would like to be moving a lot faster on the split. This delay shows a fault in the system."

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    Shared Vision:

    The visual arts are often perceived as a solo occupation, without the group effort and collaboration of music or dance. Painting and photography are lonely arts, leaving the artist and his/her work together for many hours at a stretch, wilfully shutting o ut the world. Dancers have their troupe, trumpeters have the conductor, but painters only have a canvas and the brush - or so common perception seems to say.

    Warriors and Dreamers, the latest show at the UA's Joseph Gross Gallery, runs counter to the "solo" nature of visual arts by combining the efforts of four unique artists into one collaborative show. Two painters, a photographer and a poet have contributed their talents to this mixed-media exhibit. The result is by design a mixed bag, but an interesting one to say the least.