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By Amanda Riddle and Tory Hernandez
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 6, 1997

Davidson takes presidency


Robert Henry Becker
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Undergraduate Senate Chairman Gilbert Davidson receives a victory hug and kiss last night at Geronimoz' Restaurant and Bar after hearing he was elected next year's Associated Students president. Davidson took 2,297 votes, while incumbent Rhonda Wilson received 900.

Undergraduate Senate Chairman Gilbert Davidson was elected Associated Students president after receiving 71.85 percent of the votes in the ASUA general election.

Davidson, a public management senior, received 2,297 votes, 1,397 more than incumbent President Rhonda Wilson, an accounting and finance senior.

The election results were announced by the ASUA Elections Commission about 10:40 p.m. last night at Geronimoz' Restaurant and Bar, 800 E. University Blvd.

Davidson said he hopes that all groups on campus feel like they are a part of the university by the time his term is over in April 1998.

"I want to have addressed the issues that I ran on," he said. "I want to move forward as a student body and have everyone feel that they were a part of it."

Wilson left immediately after the results were announced and could not be reached for comment.

Wilson's campaign privileges were suspended Monday at 10 p.m. until Tuesday at 6 p.m. after the Elections Commission said she violated campaign spending regulations.

Wilson appealed the suspension to the ASUA Supreme Court Tuesday morning. The court will hear her appeal at 7:30 p.m. today in the College of Law building, Elections Commissioner Anthony Hill said.

The KAMP Student Radio referendum, which gives the student-run radio station an opportunity to broadcast thoughout Tucson, was supported by 82.65 percent of the voters.

Students will be charged $1 per semester on their tuition bill for five years or until revenues from business sponsorships equal student fee revenue.

KAMP Marketing Director Jeff Goldberg said he felt "incredible" about the support of the referendum and that the hard work starts now.

The university will begin to charge students in accordance with the referendum this fall.

In the race for administrative vice president, political science sophomore Tara Taylor received 2,146 votes, 1,240 more votes than her opponent, political science junior Eric Clingan.

Taylor said a factor in her win was getting to know all the program and service directors and their aspirations for next year.

"I'm going to absorb all I can from the people in office now and learn all the basics so I don't have to be learning the ropes when I take office," Taylor said.

Clingan said the campaign has been the most fun he has had at the University of Arizona. He encouraged all students to become involved in student government, saying that any student can run for an ASUA office.

In the race for executive vice president, which was the closest executive branch race, Undergraduate Sen. Casey Cuny, a marketing and communication junior, received 1,908 votes, beating Sen. J.J. Rico, a political science junior, by 870.

Cuny said he looks forward to being a mentor to the elected senators and having the opportunity to continue working with the Senate.

"I hope that each new senator will feel confident in their new role and become productive as soon as possible," Cuny said.

The 10 students who were elected to the ASUA Senate are: Summer Katzenbach, sophomore majoring in Spanish and political science, who received 1,144 votes; Aaron Young, biochemistry sophomore, 1,132 votes; Morgan Long, political science junior, 1,033 votes; Mary Peterson, sociology and political science senior, 1,032 votes; Francisco Aguilar, accounting and finance sophomore, 1,020 votes; Rosanna Savone, political science junior, 1,008 votes; Justin Klump, political science junior, 985 votes; Leslie Hunter, journalism and sociology sophomore, 924 votes; Stephanie Lyons, political science junio,r, 872 votes; and Paul Zaragoza, finance junior,854 votes.

The Elections Commission reported that 3,679 students voted in the general elections - almost 11 percent of the student body. Last year's general election turnout was 8.85 percent of the student body.

The newly-elected officers will assume their positions May 1.

General election results

votes received

ASUA President

Gilbert Davidson* 2,297 71.85%

Rhonda Wilson 900 28.15%

Executive Vice President

Casey Cuny* 1,908 64.77%

J.J. Rico 1,038 35.23%

Administrative Vice President

Tara Taylor* 2,146 70.31%

Eric E. Clingan 906 29.69%

ASUA Senate

Summer Katzenbach* 1,144

Aaron Young* 1,132

Morgan Long* 1,033

Mary E. Peterson* 1,032

Francisco "Cisco" Aguilar* 1,020

Rosanna Savone* 1,008

Justin Klump* 985

Leslie Hunter* 924

Stephanie Lyons* 872

Paul Zaragoza* 854

Chris Sandell 767

Ryan Rosensteel 729

Jared Green 652

Derick James Kurdy 626

Alejandro Rios 593

Jonathan Fine 567

Sean Kennedy 483

Josue Limon 447

Mike Coatney 437

Treye Konrath 421

Thomas Dornis 294

KAMP Student Radio referendum

Yes* 2,741 82.66%

No 575 15.63%


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