Lack of firsthand experience makes Roberts' views invalid, unbalanced


I have read Kristin Roberts' Life in Balance column all school year. The title is peculiar because the views of life expressed are very much on one side of the scale and not balanced at all.

I was amazed at her narrowly focused vision of abortion printed last semester. I was shocked during Condom Week by her statements about sex and abstinence and her trashing of Planned Parenthood. Thursday, she tackled the subject of the legalization of marijuana. This was the point where I was inspired to write.

Kristen jumps into issues in which she seems to have had no personal experience. Has she ever been an unwed pregnant teenager? Does she have close friends who are in risky sexual relationships and won't listen to messages about abstinence? Is she suffering from severe illness? Are any of her relatives in need of drug counseling instead of a jail cell?

If Kristen has any firsthand knowledge that supports her extreme opinions, I will stand corrected. But if she is as far removed from her topics as she appears, then she and other like-minded people should let the rest of us make important life decisions unharassed.

By Holly Shinn (letter)
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 3, 1997

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