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By Tom Collins
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 16, 1997

Legislature offers gifts, congratulations to Cats

PHOENIX - UA head Coach Lute Olson received a hero's welcome yesterday morning at the state Capitol.

The state Legislature's salute to the University of Arizona men's basketball team included the unanimous passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 1025 congratulating the team and Olson on their championship run.

Both chambers sang the UA's fight song, and in the House, members lined up for autographs from the coach.

The team was invited to the Capitol, but had academic obligations, Olson said. He said in the House that with three weeks of traveling, "it's been difficult for them to get the job done like they need to."

Olson told the House he appreciated the support the state had given to the Wildcats.

"I think everybody comes behind the teams (of the three state universities), and that's the way it should be," Olson said.

Olson returned to Tucson in the afternoon with Gov. Fife Symington for a celebratation banquet with the team and about 50 guests.

At the banquet, Olson said the Legislature should keep their day job when it comes to singing, but he was impressed by the great spirit they showed.

Wildcat reporter Jason A. Vrtis contributed to this report.

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