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By Andrew Carrol
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 18, 1997

Laxcats to face old foe Chapman in division playoffs

The balance of power in the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League has been shifting lately between the Arizona men's lacrosse team and the Chapman Panthers.

When the teams first played in Tucson four years ago, the Laxcats won, 31-2 and then won again the following year. Over the last five meetings, the Panthers have won three.

The two teams meet in the WCLL Southern Division quarterfinals tomorrow in Anaheim Calif., at 1 p.m.to settle it for at least this season.

Laxcats head coach Mickey-Miles Felton said he isn't quite sure the power is shifting just yet in the Southern Division of the WCLL.

"I don't think the scales are really shifting, but with the series tied, this game is pivotal toward the end of the season," Felton said.

In a 22-16 loss to Chapman in Tucson on April 5, the Laxcats had a sub-par performance in goal from both David Beer and C.J. Seitz, as well as losing most of their faceoffs. Felton has implemented some new plays in practice this week and feels this will eliminate those problems.

"(We) are feeling good about the opportunity here (against Chapman) but we still are a long ways from talking about it to putting it into action," Felton said.

Seniors Josh Safara and Max Webber agree with their coach.

"(We) are putting the finishing touches on working together as a team, and we are ready for the challenges that face us against Chapman. They aren't going to beat us twice this season," Safara said.

"No one wants this to be our last game of the year," Webber said. "We don't want play one game, then spend the rest of our time on the golf course. We want to be practicing on Monday."

Felton said he thought that the game was going to start in the evening because their last meeting with Chapman began under the lights.

Felton said he was glad for the afternoon start time.

"Playing on the road at night, you have to get there the night before, with a whole day to kill before the game," he said. "That's why it's better to play during the day."

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