Volume 90
Number 16
September 12, 1996

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SUN CITY - President Clinton stressed the importance of education and family as top priorities yesterday afternoon as he spoke of what he called a "sweeping period of change" facing the United States .


Directors OK'd, but law may have been broken

The Undergraduate Senate unanimously approved the appointment of a new director for ASUA's disability advocacy group last night despite the fact that the meeting was allegedly held in violation of ASUA's bylaws and the Arizona Open Meetings Law.

Ann Fowler speaks to the Undergraduate Senate yesterday evening, explaining her reasons for applying for the directorship of the ASD.

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    Anti-Christian sentiment blocks problem solving

    Opinion by
    Kristen Roberts:

    It is essential to stop maligning those with whom we disagree so that we can work constructively to find solutions to our nation's problems. It is for this reason that I am addressing anti-Catholicism, and, by extension, anti-Christianity.