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By Jason A. Vrtis
Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 30, 1997

Open access computer labs make UA user-friendly

With seven open access labs and more than 260 computers, students at the UA have a wide variety of places and services to feed their computer needs.

The Center For Computing and Information Technology offers an array of software on the Macintosh and IBM compatible computers it has throughout campus.

There is also a multimedia lab that offers students the chance to work in several areas including image processing, animation, sound editing, video editing, 3-D modeling and authoring, said Limell Lawson, a principal systems analyst at the multimedia lab.

All the labs are open to students and faculty, except when the lab is being reserved by a class, and the multimedia lab is open to anyone, but a reservation is suggested.

CCIT has a variety of services to offer students including a help desk, on-line help, many training and orientation classes, and direct Internet connections for off-campus customers.

CCIT also provides e-mail accounts for all students, faculty and staff. Students interested in acquiring an e-mail account can sign up for one at any lab and incoming students will have the opportunity at summer orientation.

Students with limited computer knowledge are encouraged to visit the CCIT's help desk or call at 621-HELP, said Barbara Hoffman, a principal computing manager.

Hoffman said all the labs are run by lab monitors who have gone through extensive training and are extremely knowledgeable.

"We are trying to make all the labs as user-friendly as possible," she said.

The seven open access labs on-campus and the hardware available are as follows:

All labs are open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. everyday.

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