'Dog hater's' misguided generalizations stem from bad experience


Mr. Sek Ong Man is entitled to his opinion, however misguided, about dogsrunning rampant and killing everything in sight. However, it should beobvious that most dogs are not vicious, and not all dog owners(or even a majority) would wish to own a vicious d og. Dog owners shouldspay and neuter their pets. That is part of being a responsible owner.

They should also use a leash and license their pets; it's the law. They should also teach their pets manners through a system of positive reinforcement, notcruelty. Most people keep dogs and other pets for companionship, not forprotection as Mr. Man seems to think. Mr. Man is a dog hater and may havehad a bad experience with a dog. Therefore, I would respectfully suggestsome counseling is in order. As for counting on the police for protection, Mr Man is living in a dream world. The police pursue criminals , true enough, but almost always after the fact. Mr. Man, you have seen too much TV!

Sam Marion
assistant research physiology