Volume 90
Number 25
September 25, 1996


Public television budget cuts having little effect on KUAT

Congressional budget cuts that have decreased funding for public television programming appear to be increasing local support to keep KUAT alive.


U.S. government should recognize homosexual marriages

Opinion by
Jamie Kanter:

How do I define marriage? I would say that marriage is a spiritual union between two people, a cosmic connection which draws two individuals together for love. If this is the case, homosexual marriage cannot be wrong or immoral. If two individuals love each other, they should be together, no matter their gender.

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    Back to the Big Sky

    Arizona sophomore runner Emily Nay will be returning to her home state of Montana this weekend to run in the Mountain West Classic in Missoula.

    But the runner that her friends and family will come to see will be far different from the Emily Nay that left two years ago.