Volume 90
Number 30
October 2, 1996


Board appointment raises questions

The former vice chairman of the ASUA Appropriations Board has said the current vice president for clubs and organizations did not choose the most qualified candidate when she appointed her brother to the board a month ago.

Kemp talks of education and welfare

{KEMP VISITS TUCSON} Citing a famous California public school teacher's quest for excellence, Republican vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp promised lower taxes alongside education and welfare system changes but skirted specific proposals during a speech yesterday at the Tucson Jewish Community Center.

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    Tomey cracks down on team

    The Arizona Wildcats have gone back to learning the basics during the bye week - like how to hit, for one.

    Senior tailback Gary Taylor (4) will start Saturday against Washington State, said UA head coach Dick Tomey. Taylor has a 5.9-yard average per run, but he has failed to "make plays in other areas," Tomey said.