Volume 90
Number 31
October 3, 1996


ASUA - GPSC split official, issues unresolved

The long - awaited split between the UA's two student governing bodies became official Tuesday with the signing of a preliminary separation agreement.

{ARTS SECTION} The camera is one of the most powerful tools of the 20th century. Through this unblinking eye we record, preserve and analyze the entire range of human behavior, from our most glorious triumphs to moments of depravity and downfall.

Few photographers of the 20th century seem to understand this better than Richard Misrach.

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    Rec Center rule against sports drinks ridiculous

    Opinion by
    Jeremy Pepper:

    The rule against sports drinks is inane. There should be no reason that others cannot bring sports drinks into the weight room. By replacing the carpet in the weight room with virgin rubber, there will be no chance of stains. As for the sticky issue, no o ne is going to stick to the floor and lose a limb.