Team showed fight of Wildcats at Saturday's game

To the editor:

Saturday's homecoming game was the quintessential Wildcat football we've all come to know and love, and just in the nick of time. I must confess that after the debacle at Oregon I was apprehensive about the UCLA game, but once again the team has shown that they can indeed show the fight of Wildcats.

Thanks to the band and the awesome Tucson Boys' Chorus for actually playing the Alma Mater. I never cease to be amazed at how many people can go to this school for years and never know the words to this inspiring song. Thanks to the band, also, for actually playing to the east side of the stadium!

Are we going to the Rose Bowl? No. Do we have a winning season? Well, it's anybody's guess. It all rides on the game against the Great Satan of the North, also known as Tempe Normal. In any Wildcat's book, a win against ASU makes for a winning season regardless of what the PAC-10 ratings say. Don't be deceived - it is going to take outstanding effort from everyone to win this game. That means coaches, players and FANS.

I'll give you a hint - the wimps sitting in front of me at Saturday's game need not apply. We fans have to do our part by making some NOISE when the defense is on the field (we need to be quiet for the offense so Keith Smith's calls can be heard). If we can't do our part, well, why are we there?

BEAR DOWN! This phrase means nothing to those from north of the Gila River, but to us it means that combination of determination, pride, sportsmanship, courtesy, excellence and GUTS that only the Wildcats can provide. I'm looking forward to Saturday's game and an exposition on the meaning of the school motto.

Gordon C. Zaft
electrical and computer engineering graduate student