Volume 90
Number 7
August 29, 1996


UMC flushes infected pipes

Super-chlorinated water was flushed through the water systems of the Arizona Health Sciences Center complex yesterday in another effort to kill the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' Disease.

[sports] Olympic shot putter Chima Ugwu will try his hand at football when the UA team opens its season Saturday.

Arizona defensive lineman Chima Ugwu is big enough to leave an impression wherever he goes. Standing at 6-foot-4-inches and weighing over 300 pounds, it is easy to see why Ugwu is unforgettable.

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    [Arts SECTION]

    Two Turntables and a Microphone

    KAMP radio has been a campus institution at the UA for 9 years now, a frustrating, yet promising, enterprise that has seen the majority of at least two classes graduate without ever having tuned in.