Dose Thyself: The lowdown on herbal uppers

By Dorothy Parvaz
Arizona Daily Wildcat
December 5, 1996

Along with the stale stench of final exams in the air (final exams, final projects, mammoth essays...whatever your punishment may be) comes the sharp sting of panic: how the hell are you gonna get everything done in time? No matter how on the ball you figure you are, you're probably a few chapters behind and are going to be hitting the caffeine trail. Hard. You may also opt for the (still) legal uppers available at most corner stores and super markets. You pretty much shouldn't even be thinking about taki ng any of these if you've got high blood pressure and/or are suffering from any cardiovascular maladies. That said, here's some of the stuff you can find, rated on a five-pill scale (five being the most effective, one the least).

Vital 4 U: Liquid Energy

Chromium Dextrate

Up Time

Your Life: Maximum Pak

MaxAlert: Magnum


Chromolean Plus