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Attempted ruin of KAMP not in best interest of students


It has come to my attention that actions of ASUA President Rhonda Wilson, have been less than trustworthy.

As many students know, KAMP Student Radio is gathering signatures in support of its referendum to add an optional $1 student activity fee. Because it is optional, that means if you don't want to pay it, you don't have to.

During the spring 1996 campaign for presidency, Wilson, during an on-air interview with KAMP, pledged her full support of them obtaining a 5,000-watt transmitter.

Recently she has, in various public discussions, attempted to sway others not to lend their support to KAMP's efforts. Privately, she has gone further to discourage and derail the process.Wilson has even used her position of power to approach the Arizona Board of Regents on this matter.

Students' support of this measure has been surprisingly positive, so these attempts to block this measure go without, or even against, the will of the students. I understand the possibility of opening the floodgates to other student fees, but any additional measures must go through the same approval process and ultimately be voted on by the student body.

Unfortunately, this appears to be the only window of opportunity that KAMP will have in the near future. If this does not pass, no one knows when students will have another chance to have their own radio station.

All KAMP is asking right now is to be heard, to be put on the ballot. Let the students decide what THEY want for themselves. I really do not see how President Wilson is acting in the best interests of the students .

This is the students' chance to be heard - KAMP is an outlet for the student voice. Don't shut it up now.

By John Salwin
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 7, 1997

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