By John Brown
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 8, 1997

Police Beat

A student employee reported that a graduate student caused a disturbance at the Science and Engineering Library, 1212 N. Highland Ave., Wednesday after being told he could not use the computers without identification.

The library assistant told university police the student started yelling at him because he would not allow the 44-year-old man to retrieve computer information.

The student told police he was upset he was denied access because he did not have his ID.

Police warned him that future confrontations would result in his arrest.

The man then used a pay phone in the library and after a few minutes, started yelling at the officer, reports stated.

Police told him to calm down because he could still be arrested.

The man then left the library.

A student recovered his stolen bicycle Aug. 29 after he spotted it outside the Park Student Union, 615 N. Park Ave.

The student told university police he was walking at 1:23 p.m., when he saw a Schwinn mountain bike that looked like his.

The student's $250 mountain bike was stolen Aug. 24 from the bike racks at Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall, 910 E. Fifth St.

The student went home to get the bicycle's serial number and met university police at the Student Union. The numbers matched and confirmed it was his.

Police were discussing the student's options for recovery when a 19-year-old student unlocked the bicycle and attempted to ride off.

Police stopped the student and asked him where he got the mountain bike.

The student told police he bought it from his uncle that lives "somewhere in Mexico" on Aug. 25.

He said he has no way of contacting him and does not know when he will see him again, reports stated.

He told police he paid $40 for it but estimated the worth of the bicycle at "about $150."

The student said he was willing to return the bicycle, but wanted the seat and U-lock holder because he had added them.

University police arrested four hikers on trespassing charges Aug. 30 at the Mount Graham International Observatory outside Safford.

An employee at the observatory told university police he had encountered two hikers on the access road about 2 p.m. and warned them they were trespassing.

Police were patrolling when they spotted Shayne J. Hall, 27, of the 600 Block of North Dodge Avenue and David R. Shaufelberger, 26, of the 100 Block of West Prince Road hiding behind two trees.

Hall said he had parked his vehicle and that they were trying to hike the trail to High Peak. The men told police they had purchased a trail map in Tucson but it did not indicate the observatory's property.

The men acknowledged receiving a verbal warning from the employee and seeing several no trespassing signs but said they continued hoping to find the trail.

Both men denied being affiliated with Student Environmental Action Coalition or Earth First!, which were reported to be camping about five miles away at Grant Hill campgrounds.

Hall and Shaufelberger were cited on third degree trespassing charges and released at the scene. Both also were issued citations from the U.S. Forest Service for being in the Red Squirrel refuge without permits.

At switch back number seven, police then spotted a man about 50 yards off the road who fled into the woods.

When police went after the man, they found Jamie Hogue, 22, of the 600 Block of North Third Avenue, behind a tree. Hogue told police the man's name was Jim, but would not disclose any more information, reports stated.

She said she was on a hike and denied being with SEAC or Earth First! even though she was camping with them at Grant Hill.

Police cited Hogue on trespassing charges and then gave her a ride to the camp since it started to hail.

The forest service then told police they had cited Wendsler A. Nosie, 43, from San Carlos, for being in the squirrel refuge.

Nosie told police he had walked up the road to get to Emerald Peak to pray.

Police cited him on trespassing charges and released him at his vehicle.

A contractor working on the Large Binocular Telescope at Mount Graham reported Friday that writing had been scratched into a cement foundation.

He told university the word "stripe" was put in the cement near the southeast door way between Thursday evening and 7 a.m. on Friday.

Police Beat is complied from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.


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