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By Jimi Jo Story
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1998

Dog day afternoon


Ryan A. Mihalyi
Arizona Daily Wildcat

UA religion studies junior Krissy Register hangs out with one of many dogs available for adoption at the Humane Society of Tucson. Register volunteers at the society almost every night and says the work can be hard because itās easy to get attached.

It may be a slobbery job, but Krissy Register loves it - volunteering at the Humane Society of Tucson, that is.

Register, a University of Arizona religion studies junior who plays for the UA women's golf team, volunteers almost every evening at the Tucson shelter, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd.

She gives the dogs a lot of attention during their sunset walks.

"I enjoy and love animals - that's the big reason I'm here," Register said. "But sometimes it's hard because I get attached."

She began volunteering at the Humane Society to work off community service hours, but loved it so much she continued, she said. Register would not say why she was required to do community service.

Volunteers create an important link between the shelter staff and the general public, said Robin Evans, the Humane Society's volunteer coordinator.

A volunteer staff of about 200 educates the public about spaying and neutering, proper pet care and the commitment of owning an animal.

"Without the volunteers, we couldn't have an organization," Evans said.

Register said she encourages anyone thinking about volunteering to help out at the shelter.

"If you love animals, the dogs love you and it's very rewarding," Register said. "It can be very sad because they've been abused, but if you love animals, I'd highly recommend it."

Evans said volunteers are important to the animals' well being.

"Unfortunately, a lot of animals have not had easy lives," Evans said.

Prospective volunteers first visit the shelter and fill out an application. After that process is completed, they attend a training session and are ready to go, Evans said.

Positions are available in the adoption office, off-site adoption areas or even just playing with the animals.

"Every person who works here has a life outside (of the shelter)," Evans said. "And when they give their time I think that's very touching. Every day that a volunteer comes in, it restores my faith in humanity."

Students interested in volunteering at the Humane Society can call Evans at 327-6088.

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