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By Mary Fan
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1998

New points system added to meal plan

Students will be able to cash in points on their CatCard for a buffet-style banquet by the fall when University of Arizona Dining Services introduces a new meal plan.

The meal plan will allow students to purchase a dining package for a fixed amount, which would be paid along with tuition at the year's start.

The basic plan will cost $750 a semester, and will include 400 points that can be redeemed for meals and $150 to be stored in an All Aboard account.

"That is cheaper than any school in the California State University school system," said David C. Galbraith, UA Dining Services director.

This basic plan is designed for a student who does not need three meals a day or who often eats out, and the majority of students will need to purchase additional points to last the semester, he said.

More points may be purchased through the CatCard Office as needed throughout the school year, Galbraith added.

The number of buffets the points secure varies depending on what meals the student chooses - breakfast costs two points, weekend brunch is three points and dinner is worth four points.

Students may also use financial aid moneys to pay for the plan, as long as the Bursar's Office is notified.

The university-operated Union Club on the Student Union's third floor will serve as a centralized cafeteria for students on the meal plan.

"It would be an extension of that," said Dan Adams, Student Union director. "You just show up with your CatCard and eat all you want."

"If you're a big eater, this is a good plan for you," Galbraith said.

This differs from other university's meal plans where dinners are served in a residence-hall cafeteria rather than a single centralized location for the whole campus, Adams said.

The menu will be cycled daily, he added.

Currently, the Union Club is open for a regular lunch crowd and will remain so once the meal plan is in place - and that means it won't accept meal plan points for lunch.

The points may be redeemed for lunch at the Park Student Union, however, though the point equivalents for meals at the Union Club will not apply. Rather, each point will be worth $1.50 toward the price of the meal.

All points must be redeemed by the end of the school year and no leftover points can be exchanged for cash, Galbraith said.

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