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By Rachel Carasso and David J. Cieslak
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 27, 1998

Promises made, promises kept

Some ASUA candidates promise students everything from more basketball tickets to free parking.

But four Associated Students incumbents, who made promises last year to the University of Arizona student body, did not back away from their platforms - they fulfilled them.

Presidential candidate Tara Taylor and executive vice presidential candidate Cisco Aguilar were elected to ASUA offices last year.

Both distributed fliers outlining their campaign promises.


Tara Taylor


Wildcat File Photo
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Tara Taylor

Taylor, a political science and public management junior, said she would make ASUA directors, including herself, work at least three hours per week at the Escort Service.

She planned to establish an 800 number students could dial instead of 621-SAFE to reach the Escort Service when they didn't have a quarter. Taylor also wanted to get more students involved in ASUA's annual Spring Fling event.

After being elected to administrative vice president in March 1997, Taylor and the other program directors did work at the Escort Service however, the goal changed. Directors put in 12 hours last semester and will serve another 12 hours this semester, Taylor said.

Three directors who neglected to put in their hours last semester, must serve 24 hours by the end of the year, she said.

Taylor's promise of a toll-free number was also fulfilled, but the number is rarely mentioned because it is hard to memorize.

"Because 800 numbers are so popular now, we had to get an 888 number," Taylor said. "It's still toll free but it's not catchy, so we're working to reconfigure the number with letters, so people remember it like they remember 621-SAFE."

Taylor changed her Spring Fling plan to add more community involvement.

If Tucson children are the focus of Spring Fling, the city will become more involved with the UA and revenues will increase, she said.

"We want to have a kids' expo," Taylor said. "Kids could bring a bed sheet that they decorate."


Cisco Aguilar

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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Cisco Aguilar

Cisco Aguilar said last year he had broad goals because he was unfamiliar with ASUA and did not know what he could accomplish.

But after being elected to the Senate, Aguilar, an accounting and finance junior, promised to create a community service day for local nonprofit organizations.

He also pledged to dedicate one week to promoting UA multiculturalism, and build relations between ASUA and the administration.

Aguilar said although his community service idea did not pan out, he did work with Sen. Summer Katzenbach on "The Big Event," a similar program where UA students help beautify local neighborhoods.

"We help the local residents and improve UA relations with the community," Aguilar said. "I have been in constant contact with Dean (of Students) Melissa Vito and Minority Student Services to express ASUA's concerns. It's just a matter of getting them to understand."

Aguilar also is assisting J.J. Rico, president of ASUA's International Student Association, to create a UA multicultural week. Multicultural week begins Monday.


Mary Brandenberger

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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Mary Bradenberger

This year, executive vice presidential candidate Mary Brandenberger was Executive Vice President Casey Cuny's chief of staff.

Brandenberger, a junior studying English and journalism, drafted a proposal to establish the chief of staff position which, prior to last semester, did not exist.

She later applied and was appointed to the position.

Unlike an elected position, Brandenberger was not required to set goals.

But Cuny said Brandenberger did make a goal to get more students involved in clubs.

"She put together a club staff of 12 volunteers which helped get funding to clubs," Cuny said. "She organized two club fairs out on the Mall."

Due to her efforts, more clubs approached the ASUA Appropriations Board for money this year than before, Cuny said.


Ryan Rosensteel

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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Ryan Rosensteel

Administrative vice presidential candidate Ryan Rosensteel is an ASUA club advocate.

Rosensteel, a molecular and cellular biology and political science sophomore, ran for a Senate position last year and was not elected.

"Last year, I was running on issues I didn't know much about," Rosensteel said. "This year, I have researched the issues and I know what the students want."


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