By Doug Levy
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 10, 1997

Ashes to Ink: Creator Is Literally In His Work

From staff and wire reports

In a rather bizarre turn of events, Marvel Comics has recently released a collected edition of mid-'80s series Squadron Supreme which actually contains the ashes of creator Mark Gruenwald in the ink used to print the book.

The decision was based upon a request made by Gruenwald in his will, which was honored by both his wife and by Marvel. The ashes were also mixed with the ink used to print a poster of Marvel characters, another tribute to the man who was behind titles including Captain America and Quasar.

"Squadron Supreme" was released in a limited print-run of 4000 copies, and features an introduction by Gruenwald's widow, Catherine. It retails for $24.99, although copies are nearly impossible to find due to the unique nature of the book, which has become an instant, if slightly morbid, collector's item.

Gruenwald looked on comics as a modern mirror of mythology and a forum for dealing with social and moral problems, both of which lay behind his work on Squadron Supreme. He died last August from a heart attack at age 43.

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