By Jeremy Bachtel
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 1, 1998

Platform shoes are bad

To the Editor:

Far be it from me to interfere with the trends of modern fashion, but in this case I'm afraid I must protest. It seems that many of the girls on this campus have taken to wearing an updated variant of the "platform" shoe, although in this case perhaps the word "high-rise" is more fitting.

These are usually the same women that who prominently display their bra straps - this I do not have a problem with. However, as a man of five-feet, seven inches and a half, I feel somewhat frustrated walking into a bar and seeing a slew of 5-foot-tall girls approaching Xena-like proportions simply because of their choices of footwear.

Have you seen these? It's like every bar is having Bride of Frankenstein auditions. I find that it's very difficult to coexist with an entire colony of stilt-people. It isn't that I mind dating the pseudo-tall, but rather that many girls out there have a problem with dating shorter guys - even though everyone knows they're smarter and more virile.

I think when it reaches the point where a girl gets dressed and can immediately start at center for most NBA teams, it's time to reevaluate one's fashion sense. And so, for those of you who put on shoes and find yourself bumping your head on migrating birds: Stop it.

Jeremy Bachtel
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Senior



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