By Sven Lhijenfjörd
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 1, 1998

Captor of Sin gives new life to death metal


Carl Von Schnautzer/ 1
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Rock Fools: Captor of Sin members (L-R) Vagah Olafsen, Sean Michaels, Heinrich Von Lufthausen, Dieter Steinborg and Brutus "Hammerslayer" Unflauten. The Norweigan death metal band puts out a new album, Celtic Frost, next month. This band does not exist.

Hailing from the Celtic frost-ridden wasteland of Itenflotahausen, Norway, comes Europe's most evil and dangerous force in death metal. Started in 1993, after a ritual church burning, Captor of Sin is comprised of four Nordic beastmasters and one American glam-rocker - Sean Michaels, former front man of Skullscorcher.

When questioned on their musical influences, guitarist Vagah Olafsen and bassist Dieter Steinhausen responded that Norwegian metal played a great role in developing their sound, although Sean introduced them to a far more evil source.

"Sean showed us the brutal melodies of G 'n' R, Motley Crue and Twisted Sister," said Olafsen. "We want to be like the Crue. They had pentagrams and whiskey - what else do you need?"

Brutus "Hammerslayer" Unflauten, a former gravedigger, had the idea of biting off doves' heads (the group's trademark climatic live finish) after watching Sean's Ozzy Osborne videos.

"It was evil," he said. "So very evil that I figured that our home crowds would love it."

Captor of Sin, known for disturbing and brutal live shows, including "Legion of Flesh 1996" and "Evil Monster Faced Carnage Breath 1997," have a huge fan base in Northern Europe with over 247 compact discs sold.

"I guess we're just big with the evil kids" Vagah said. "I went to California the other day and the kids knew who I was . . . It's scary to be in a shop and buying music when you are visibly seeing posters of our faces."

Brutus added that "It's peculiar when little kids run to me and touch the long black hair. I hear American girls saying, 'I love your hair, do you use Pantene Pro-V?' I am thinking that Pantene sounds evil, ya? It sounds like pentagram which is our favorite symbol, as it is the devil's logo."

Captor of Sin's new album, Celtic Frost, will be out in mid-May.

"I hope the true fans like it. It is like our older stuff with more growling and less of Sean's squealing," Vagah said. "We would like to thank the devil and the fat, scary, bearded record executive who gives us money. And another thing, happy April 1."


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