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By Angela Romano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 2, 1998

CeDRR, state prepare students with disabilities for jobs


Photo courtesy of Susan Zimmerman
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Vocational rehabilitation counselor Susan Zimmerman

A new partnership between the Center for Disability Related Resources and the state's Vocational Rehabilitation Program offers graduating seniors with disabilities help with their transition into the workplace.

"I am excited for the ability to work with the students. It is very rewarding to work with them and to see them succeed in the job market," said Susan Zimmerman, a vocational rehabilitation counselor who helped unite CeDRR and the rehabilitation program last semester.

The Department of Economic Security's Vocational Rehabilitation Program is a state/federal employment program for people with disabilities who may have problems adjusting to the workplace.

Zimmerman, who used to be a client herself, serves as a liaison between CeDRR and the rehabilitation program and is on campus every Tuesday.

The program helps recent graduates and graduating seniors write résumés, learn interview skills and decide what jobs are right for them. The counselors address any concerns or issues the students face. After the students have found a job, the counselors monitor their performances for 90 days.

After those three months are up, DES also offers post-employment services in case any workplace problems arise, said Dorothy Bafaloukos, a DES program and project specialist.

"Our ultimate goal is employment. We work with the students individually to tailor a program to fit their needs," Bafaloukos said.

"The program is an important component to CeDRR, as it will hopefully connect students to potential jobs in the community," said John Mosser, a CeDRR disability specialist.

To get involved with the program, students must complete an interview with Zimmerman to review the eligibility requirements and process. The eligibility requirements include having a disability and a specified income level.

UA alumnus Glen Cannon has worked with a counselor since November and said he is beginning to see the results.

"I used to have very low self-esteem because of my disability, but working with a counselor is very helpful because I am still doing everything, but it gives me somebody to fall back on if I need it," Cannon said.


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